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I started to give lectures about Diamonds to give you a peek into a different world and to uncover some of the myths that surround them. These lectures are entitled: "Diamonds, Magic, but no mystery... ". Amongst the different groups that have asked me as their speaker were Lion's, Rotary's and various international chambers of commerce. These lectures take 45 min and have no commercial character. They are given in Belgium as well as in other countries.
When ladies are present there is the possibility of a Free Appraisal on one piece of jewellery per person, you know, that one piece that you inherited and always wondered what it was and how much it was worth... These lectures, however, do require at least one month's notice.
antwerp tours diamond district
Tours can be given in the Antwerp diamond district on a small group basis only, no more than six people can apply for this unique experience. Due to the "world in a world atmosphere" that diamond people operate in, larger groups, as you understand, are regarded as "a crowd". As a certified diamond professional I'm able to guide you deeply into the Antwerp diamond centre, avoiding the touristic travel mass places. These tours need one month's notice.

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Q: Beside the 4C's that all diamond websites inform me about, are there anymore specific ' details ' I should watch out for? And can they devalue the diamond?
A: You should inform yourself about the priorities you set to your diamond's budget.
Do you prefer colour to clarity? Do you prefer size to colour and clarity or will you go for the very top?
In any case, and I cannot emphasize this enough, the cut should be perfect to near perfect!
The reason is simple: cut is what you see!
I would even go as far as to state that it is sometimes better to buy a lower quality diamond with a perfect cut than to buy a Gem quality with a poor cut.
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