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frequently asked questions

So... you may have further questions. I have listed here most of the questions frequently asked.
But feel free to contact me with any question you may have or quotation you may require.

My Advice


  • Why should a diamond purchase in Antwerp be any better than in New York?
    • To begin with, Antwerp is the very source of the diamond trade with as much as almost 70% market share, in other words: a New York diamond most of the times is bought in Antwerp before it was put up for sale in New York.
    • Secondly, Antwerp has always been the only diamond city in the world with three diamond-cutting schools where young people are molded into the worlds finest craftsmen in diamond polishing.
      The Antwerp-cut is therefore known for it's finest sparkle!

  • Beside the 4C's that all diamond websites inform me about, are there anymore specific ' details ' I should watch out for. And can they devalue the diamond?
    • Absolutely! First of all, a diamond should be accompanied by one of the world's three leading certificates: The HRD or IGI in Antwerp and the USA based GIA.
      Other certification may be less accurate.
    • You should inform yourself about the priorities you set to your diamond's budget. Do you prefer colour to clarity? Do you prefer size to colour and clarity or will you go for the very top?
      In any case, and I cannot emphasize this enough, the cut should be perfect to near perfect!
      The reason is simple: cut is what you see!
      I would even go as far as to state that it is sometimes better to buy a lower quality diamond with a perfect cut than to buy a gem quality with a poor cut.
    • I strongly recommend NOT to buy any carat weight that ends in .00 such as 1.00ct or 2.00ct.
      We, the diamond traders look at these stones with suspicion because most of the times the polisher has had instructions to do whatever necessary to keep the stone from becoming 0.99 or 1.99 ct.
      I have seen diamonds that still had a bit unpolished (rough) just to maintain the commercially interesting 2.00ct weight!
    • Fluorescence. Diamonds can glow - have fluorescence - and even though I prefer 'none' to 'slight', this is not an obstacle for me when I purchase my diamonds.
      'Medium' and 'strong' fluorescence should be avoided (unless you favour 'overblue') as this may cause the diamond to appear milky white in daylight.

  • How can I see if a diamond is genuine?
      My honest answer: You can NOT! You need to be an expert and use specialized equipment to make sure a diamond is real.
      Do not trust ideas like scratching a beer bottle (it may damage the diamond too), thermal conductivity (Moissanite conducts equally well), looking through, comparing weight, etc.
      If the diamond is accompanied by a certificate you will know it is real and if it is treated artificially or not.
      Tip:If you can not easily find inclusions under a 10 times magnification you should become suspicious, most likely it is not a real diamond. But be aware of the fact that some gas bubbles in cubic zirconium may appear like inclusions if you do not look carefully.

  • The diamond market does not seem transparent to me. How do I know that I am getting a fair deal?
    • I will tell you more: even to 90% of all jewellers this diamond market is not transparent at all!
      It therefore takes a good deal of informing yourself about where to pay attention to, as I stated in the previous answer.
      Always bear in mind that when you think you can do the diamond deal of your life, you always get what you paid for!
      Fair prices exist (buy with me), bargains do not, despite many others may try to convince you otherwise.

  • Can it be worthwhile to personally come to Antwerp and see you?
    • Yes, in many cases the difference in retail, internet prices and Antwerp cut quality are so big that I will make it worthwhile to see me in Antwerp.
      I can think of many of my UK but also US clients who save a lot of money coming to Antwerp Ónd see this beautiful city at the same time!
      It will save you sales taxes too!

  • Do you have an advise on how much to spend on a what kind of diamond?
    • As a rule of thumb two months salary is standard, however more or less is also fine.
    • Ever since I started the business I had my own ideas on how a diamond should look, to qualify for jewellery:
      Color: a diamond should be more than just white but not necessarily Blue white
      Clarity: a diamond should be far better than just eye-clean but should not necessarily be Internally Flawless
      Cut: a diamond should be cut in Antwerp where you can find the best craftsmanship on the market :
      It's the cut that makes a diamond sparkle !
      The setting: the choice of platinum, white or yellow gold is yours although I think they should match your other jewellery.

Certificates are granted for a fee by the HRD, IGI and GIA gemology institutes. The most important thing about these laboratories is the fact they are impartial in their examination (yet, not all are impartial, unfortunately!). This ensures the stone will get the true grade if the grader sees fit to give it. Example.

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