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So... you have decided to investigate further, let me begin by mentioning that purchasing a diamond can be a complicated affair, especially if the buyer doesn't know what to look for. The most important factor, in my opinion, is to be prepared. You may want to look at my diamond glossary too.

If your diamond buying expertise is beyond the basics bypass the 4 C's and proceed to My Advice in this section.

Understanding the Four C's is the first step in a journey to buying the perfect diamond. Many variations exist of the Four C's document but the overall content remains the same. I have prepared my own variation of the Four C's detailing the Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat you should look for and ,of course, the points to avoid.

With the rarity of diamonds, and all diamonds are rare, it makes sense that gemstones that appear to be identical can show a wide range in value.
To determine the relative worth of diamonds, you need to know your 4 C's of diamond buying.
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diamond buying tips
Ever since I started the business I had my own ideas on how a diamond should look, to qualify for jewelry:
  • Color: a diamond should be more than just white but not necessarily Blue white
  • Clarity: a diamond should be far better than just eye-clean but should not necessarily be Internally Flawless
  • Cut: a diamond should be cut in Antwerp where you can find the best craftsmanship on the market :
    It's the cut that makes a diamond sparkle ! The choice of platinum, white or yellow gold is yours although I think they should match your personality and your other jewelry.
HRD diamond certification
Certificates are granted for a fee by laboratories or gemmology institutes. The most important thing about these laboratories is the fact they are impartial in their examination, like the HRD, GIA or IGI.
This ensures the stone will get the true grade if the grader sees fit to give it.

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