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Diamond House
Free Appraisal and Diamond Pricing

Contrary to most of the jewellers who ask up to 2% fee of the appraised jewellery, ANTWERP DIAMOND HOUSE offers you a Free Appraisal.
Of course it does take a visit to Antwerp because a mere description via e-mail will not be sufficient.

To begin with, I will be able to tell you whether a stone is genuine or not but also it's color, clarity cut and carat.
Would you like to know when it was cut or what today's price is or are you more interested in the fact whether or not the stone(s) are still safe in it's setting?

Diamond Analysis
If it fits my schedule I might even come and see you to help you with all your questions. My appraisal might disappoint you or maybe pleasantly surprise you, at least you will know what that piece of jewellery is and how much it is worth.


As a diamond's weight increases the price per carat increases. Larger diamonds are more rare and when these larger diamonds also have higher color, clarity and cut grades the value or price per carat increases greatly. The rarer, the more expensive.

The type of cut influences the price as well. Fantasy cuts will be cheaper by 5 to 10% than standard cuts.

We put two calculation tools at your disposal: 4C + weight and Budget
CLICK, Select the cut, color, clarity and weight Select the cut, color, clarity and weight, and you will receive a price estimate for the diamond.
CLICK, Put in your budget, and you will receive a list of diamonds matching it Put in your budget, and you will receive a list of diamonds matching it, with different combinations of color, clarity and weight.
Enjoy your investigations!

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Q: Beside the 4C's that all diamond websites inform me about, are there anymore specific ' details ' I should watch out for. And can they devalue the diamond?
A: Fluorescence. Diamonds can glow - have fluorescence - and even though I prefer 'none' to 'slight', this is not an obstacle for me when I purchase my diamonds.
'Medium' and 'strong' fluorescence however should be avoided (unless you favour 'overblue') as the diamond may become milky white in daylight.
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